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Cassandra Caruso - Visionary CEO and Intuitive Brand Guide

Cassandra Caruso - Visionary CEO and Intuitive Brand Guide

Meet Cassandra, the Visionary CEO of Wild Dreams Co. Cassandra works with female business owners worldwide, leaving an impact on an international level. She is a self-taught graphic designer turned intuitive brand guide and brand + web designer, empowering her clients to lead from their hearts.

A mother of three incredible boys and a wife to a man who brings laughter and creativity into her life daily, Cassandra is a multi-passionate, Vsionary CEO, and 1/3 Mani gen. She is deeply immersed in personal growth, spirituality, human design, and considers herself a lifelong student. Cassandra takes joy in seeing her clients shine their brightest light.

Her purpose is to deliver a brand that feels authentic, inspiring and brings her clients' unique visions to life. For Cassandra, it's about rising together and fostering divine connections. She is committed to cultivating change and creating a ripple of impact.

What clients receive from Cassandra is the real, raw truth. She leads with full integrity, and acknowledges the lessons, wins, and transformations, all while fiercely celebrating each client's unique journey! 


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