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Erin Kabba - Rebirth-to-Death Doula

Erin Kabba - Rebirth-to-Death Doula

I am Erin Kabba, a Rebirth-to-Death Doula and the owner of  The Oya Collective, LLC. I am a woman who went through her own rebirth through deconstruction, after living according to a blueprint that did not serve me and coming out of a cult-like religious denomination. I realized that I was living out of alignment with who I really was and what I was called to do. As women, we have been conditioned to live a certain way, be a certain way, and do things that cause many of us to deny our authentic selves and our purpose.  Once I started the journey of getting in touch with who I really was, there was no looking back. I made the commitment that I would always strive to live life in alignment with my authentic self, even if it went against the norm. After prayer, research, and deep meditation, I was able to transform areas of my life and achieve things I never thought were possible! I realize that life is precious and want to leave this earth leaving a legacy and knowing I did exactly what I came here to do.  I am now dedicated to helping women do the same. 

My mission is to help women have transformative rebirths, live with audacity, and leave a legacy. I assist women in uncovering and conquering obstacles that might hinder their progress. Together, we build a clear vision for their goals, craft actionable plans to bring their dreams to life and take meaningful steps toward leaving a lasting impact on the world.

I am the author of Destroy the Mask: A Woman’s Guide to Unlock Her True Self, Live Out Her Purpose, and Leave a Legacy of Power.  I have a Master’s in Educational Leadership and 15+ years of experience working in the field of education, coaching, and consulting. 



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