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Isha Vela - BodyWise Biz Mentor and Wealth Activist

Isha Vela - BodyWise Biz Mentor and Wealth Activist

Isha Vela, Ph.D., CCEP is a trauma psychologist, certified somatic practitioner, and licensed financial professional offering holistic business mentorship and wealth planning for soulpreneurs and creative rebels. 

As a wealth activist, Isha believes that putting more money in the hands of people who value equity and humanity is money that will be invested in regenerative ways.

Using tailored, comprehensive strategies, she helps you build a healthy financial foundation for your life and business while integrating the unconscious money fears and patterns so that you can embody your most empowered and resourced Self. 

Isha offers both short and longer term 1:1 coaching services, along with an annual group business accelerator designed to help you build a business that supports your brain, body and bank account.


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