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Sarah Dumas - The Money Coach

Sarah Dumas - The Money Coach

Step into the captivating world of Sarah Dumas, a visionary leader and the CEO of Abundance Daily. As The Money Coach, Sarah has used her expertise and guidance to transform the financial trajectories of many women.

Sarah, a devoted mother of two and a loving wife, she is multi-passionate and a 5/1 Mani Gen. She is deeply rooted in her own personal growth and spiritual walk with God. She proudly considers herself a lifelong student, embracing the journey of continuous learning. In her role as a guide and mentor, Sarah finds fulfillment in seeing her clients win big.

Sarah Dumas stands as an unwavering advocate for money to be in the hands of heart-centered women, determined to dismantle the social constructs designed to hinder women's financial progress. Her mission is to unlock the hidden codes within every woman, enabling them to establish a natural, harmonious relationship with money, as essential as the very air they breathe.

To Sarah, achieving a $100k is not the ultimate destination; it is merely the starting point. The true significance lies not in the wealth itself but in the transformation it inspires. It is about cultivating an unshakable belief that abundance is a birthright, transcending the boundaries of one's background or societal expectations.

Sarah Dumas isn't just a money coach; she is the embodiment of the principles she espouses. She believes that everyone possesses the power to shape their financial destiny, and her life's work is a testament to that belief. As you delve into her world, you'll come to realize that you, too, can unlocked and harnessed your own financial abundance.


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